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Re: [pct-l] Slow training

For me it's virtually impossible to train "enough" for a thru hike.
I've got to work (save money), so I simply cannot spend enough time
hiking before I start.

I believe running is a pretty good alternative to walking, because you
get a lot more training for a given time period. Still it's not the
same as walking with a pack for a day. 

Even if I'm in OK "running shape" I need to take it very slow for the
first part of the hike. I use the first 4-6 weeks for a gradual
buildup. Starting with max 15 mile days (even less the first week) and
end up being able to do 20 mile days after a month or so. 

This has worked for me twice, even though I had problems with my foot
just a couple of weeks before starting. 

My main goal in preparing is to be free of any injury when I start,
even if that mean training less (as a precaution) the last week(s)
before leaving.

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