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[pct-l] New snow in the Washington Cascades

When the weather partially cleared today so I could get a look at Mt. Baker
and its environs, I noticed that the Black Buttes just to the West of Mt.
Baker were plastered with new snow.  I could see new snow down to about
6,000 feet, the intervening ridge at 5,000 feet did not have new snow(or

The August weather that we have been experiencing is more indicative of a
fall pattern and of September.  NOrmally August is our warmest and clearest
month, with the full moon of Ausust being the statisically best time to
plan a trip to the mountains.

Nevertheless, the weather is supposed to clear and warm in the coming few
days.  the new snow should be melting, and here's hoping there are no more
other snow storms lurking for the near future.

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