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[pct-l] Sutures & meds

FYI,  came back from my knee doctor with an anti-biotic prescription and
some sutures.  These are so light that even if I never need them, I'll
keep carrying them.  I've only watched a doctor give me stitches once, so
I'll need to review some literature.  It looks like an art in that they
make it look so graceful and easy.  (I'm suuuure it's NOT easy)  I've
really appreciated everyone's comments about their experiences and
possible alternatives.  These "sterri strips" sounds like something that
would be good to throw in the my emergency box as well.  I've been
thinking about the old "if I need something, how BAD do I really need it"
concept.  When I think of writhing in pain three days from a road, I'll
need pain meds bad. My doctor did bring up a good point; if I do break
something and need to hike out, having a really strong painkiller would be
nice, but if it "totally foggs me out", then I could be putting myself in
more danger.  The fact is, I will be in excruciating pain and need to deal
with it. He suggested doubling up Alleve with Tylenol and if I need more,
take a Vicadin.  (Obviously not all at once).  He seemed to be realisitc
to the realities and genuinely helpful. 

The snow is finally melting! 



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