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Re: [pct-l] How conditioning works

Tom wrote,
>What I am saying is that starting at a pace of 10 miles per day, or even
less, will increase your physical wellbeing allowing you to hike more miles
later while starting out at 20 miles, or more, will degrade your physical
wellbeing causing you to be unable to walk later.

That is sooooo true, for hiking as well as running ultramarathons. I have
done 24-hour track runs where runners go out too fast and crash later in the
event. A smooth pace is better from the start. In ultras, we always try to
know when to walk and when to run.

In hiking, know when to hike at a faster pace... only after building a base
of conditioning. There is a running club in the SF Bay Area whose motto has
been "Start Slow and Taper Off"

John Vonhof
FIXING YOUR FEET: Preventive Maintenance and Treatments for Foot Problems of
Runners, Hikers, and Adventure Racers

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