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Re: [pct-l] Superglue vs sutures vs steri-strips

Douglas asked,
> I have heard about surgeons using super glue to seal up wounds.
Supposedly needs to be replaced every few days as it heals.  Does any other
people on the list have experience with this & would this be a good
alternative to sutures and/or seri-strips???

Our use of Durmabond in the ER is when the laceration is not actively
bleeding and is not too deep or big. You apply the glue as you draw the
edges of the wound together as you apply layers of the glue. You should not
use an ointment afterward, but let the glue work itself off as the would
heals over 4 to 5 days. You should also avoid a lot of water exposure. It's
application is really a two-handed procedure.

I am not a doctor, but have read the literature, assisted with the
procedures and heard all the instructions given to the patients.

For the trail, I still prefer steri-strips.

John Vonhof

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