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[pct-l] Re: Experience with Sport Bottle Water Filters?

I have stopped using the pump filters because of the time needed to pump and
switched to the Safe Water Anywhere bottles.  I have used their earlier
bottle now for two years with no problems.  This year I bought their new
bottle with prefilters and my son uses a Platapus bag with an inline Safe
Water Anywhere filter.  I really enjoy being able to scoop up water at
stream crossings and drink it immediately while it is nice & cold.  I know I
get some strange looks from people that think I am drinking unfiltered

Their WEB site is http://www.safewateranywhere.com

There site goes into depth about what it filters and how well.  

   Microbiological Organisms 
	Test Results: (per safewater)
      Cryptosporidium	Gastro-enteric diseases    	99.90%
      E. Coli		Gastro-enteric diseases		99.10%
      Giardia		Gastro-enteric diseases		99.99%

Does anyone have some good comparisons of these type of filters vs PUR,
Sweetwater etc. filters vs Iodine vs chlorine.  Has Backpacker magazine done
a comparison or NOLS or some other independent body????

I don't have any connection with this company but it seems like a really
good product that works immediately, is light, and not very expensive.

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Subject: [pct-l] Experience with Sport Bottle Water Filters?

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I'd like to hear from people who have used sport bottle type water filters
as an alternative to the more usual pump filters. 

They look promising as far as saving some weight and space, but I'm
wondering about their ease of use and how effectively they filter microbes
of various sorts and remove chemicals from water.

Given the list's thread on giardia, I apologize if this post repeats some
recently covered ground.

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