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Re: [pct-l] (no subject)

Jeff, PCTL,

Jeff wrote:
"how could I give myself a cut large enough to require suturing shy of
getting a compound fracture?"

In 1978 a thruhiker stumbled while carrying his ice axe in his hand and
ended up falling onto the ice axe and deeply gashing his side with the pick.
His companions had stery strips and medical tape and were able to stop the
bleeding and hold it together so that he could walk out, albeit painfully.

I have also recounted on the list before where I stepped off of a rock ledge
and just barely caught an unusually sharp edge on the heel of my boot.  My
descending momentum and weight caused the sharp edge to rip open the heel of
my boot through three layers of leather and just miss laying open my heel.
A fraction of an inch deeper would have produced a wound that I would have
had difficulty bandaging myself and a true challenge to walk on any
appreciable distance.

And don't forget the jumping Chollas!

Greg "Strider" Hummel

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