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[pct-l] Duct Tape Rules

Thanks again Miller Family for another Duct Tape Vote!!!! I am not a big fan 
of the "Ray Way" but I did cop a few idea's from him. One being the 10 ft. of 
duct tape on a pen or pencil. I used it for years on hot spots (  I saved a 
woman's trip in the Bob Marshall a few weeks ago after her  hot spot mole 
skin treated feet were turned into bleeding blisters ) I gave her a few ft. 
of tape which saved her trip. As an avid kayaker, no boater is caught on the 
water without enough duct tape to repair the Bismarck. Duct is good on 
rainflies, leaky down bags, etc. Another fun toy all backpacker 's should 
take is a set of cheap mouse traps. Fig Bars are good  bait. On the Adams 
climb, I got 3 of these little sweethearts. As soon as light fades in camp, 
let the games begin. There is something about that little "snap " sound as 
the trap goes off that puts you off to sleep.
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