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Re: [pct-l] (no subject)

My question is that it took only one time when I had
a reasonable cut (from rock climbing) a gash about 2 inches long,
that I wanted to tape or even consider suturing (I am qualified)
HOWEVER once and ONLY ONCE I used duct tape on any type of
wound...the tape is so good it was so painful to remove
(without solvents that irritant/burn) it took part of
a layer of skin off-- and finally all of it did not
completley come off for over 3 weeks! (of hot baths, etc)

SO unless the good doctor has 10mm thick skin or knows
something I don't I don't beleive he ever used duct tape
on a wound as I would not as a lay person, ever recoomend
recommend (sorry for the typoes- on a brain dead editor)
using such on a wound EVER again!!!

Just my $2.42 worth (cost of small roll of duct tape)

Note: I USED the REAL duct tape not the thin stuff you
see on the market today- which I also tried and rejected.

Where I do use it is OVER a bandage or large patch
or moleskin. Then there is only a few square mm that
make contact with the skin and it is far easier to remove..


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