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[pct-l] semicircular suture needle good for other repairs

I carry a suture needle for repair of boots and shoes, since a straight
needle is very difficult to retreive from the inside of a running shoe or
boot, the semicircular shape is much easier to stitich a boot seam from the

I saved myself some effort on this last hike by applying a thin layer of
"seam grip" to the seams of the shoes that I got in Mammoth.  This may not
be so necessary for all the seams but it helps the seams where the major
toe bend is and where the seams are exposed to the most abrasion.  My shoes
wewre dry in that stretch for the most part, but there was a lot of dust
which is very abasive.  I am not sure how well this works when the shoes
are wet for the most part.

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