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George & Susan Miller <gsmiller@uswest.net> wrote the following

"As a physician hiker, I have never  considered carrying a suture
kit.  I
also do not carry stri strips.  I rely on good old duct tape for most
my needs.  Although it is lacking in visual appeal, it is very sticky,

very durable, and somewhat water resistant.

If you have a cut that is too big to close with tape, I doubt that you

could suture it without prior training and experience."

This got me thinking.  Seeing that I don't carry a knife with a blade
longer than 1.5 inches, and use it only when I'm sitting down (slicing
cheese or whittling a toothpick) how could I give myself a cut large
enough to require suturing shy of getting a compound fracture?  (For
the purposes of this question, I will also exclude attacks by large
animals).  Better yet, how large would this gash have to be?

Jeff E

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