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[pct-l] Southwest Washington

   Just got back from Mt. Adams climb, snow level on Mountain is at all-time 
low that I can remember. The old lookout on top is almost totally exsposed. ( 
some years you may not even see the roof ) All the record snows must have 
missed Adams. Northbounders should cruise easy from Bridge of the Gods to 
Goatrocks this year as snow is only spotty at 6,000 ft. I was shocked how 
fast the white stuff has melted away in the last month. P.S. I haven't 
replaced my sweetwater filter element yet. When I came down off the Mountain, 
I just filled my water bottle and drank. ( people look at you like you just 
shoplifted when you dip and drink ) It's almost worth getting sick to see 
their faces. ( so far, no sickness )
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