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Re: [pct-l] suture kits

>On a totally different note..
>I've spend all day today looking for a suture kit for my First Aid box.
>I'm specifically looking for those cool needles that are bent in a half
>circle and some come pre-threaded with a suture.  I've called over 10
>medical supply places and either they don't sell to the public or they
>don't carry them.  Has anyone obtained these for their emergency kit and
>if so, where the heck did you find them?  Funny, I've been getting the
>same response when I ask for a suture kit.  "Well,.... You really should
>go see a doctor and have him(her) stitch you up".  When I reply that I
>would be at least a few days away from a doctor or even weeks away, the
>reply is "oh".

	Whenever I get a gash, I prefer to close it with a fishhook from my
tackle kit, and some mint dental floss.  In addition to offering a fresh
scent, I rather like the festive green color of the stitches.  You can
cover it over with some of that silver duct tape from your footcare kit if
you need to keep it really clean.
	For speed, however, nothing beats one of those lightweight little
mini-staplers.  After a few days the staples tend to get rusty  (faster
when in Washington).  This is very unattractive, so for changing them it's
handy to also have one of those little staple pullers too.

Happy Hiking-
Kevin "I've fallen and I can't get up" Corcoran

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