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Re: [pct-l] suture kits

I carry three things that are generally unavailable to the general public.
1-Vicodine [Pain Medication]
2-Penecillin VK [Antibiotic]
3-Sterri Strips [The modern butterfly bandage.  I would not try sutures. A
large sterri strip works as well]

I have had exactly four occasions to use this stuff. Two are instructive.

1-An idiot in Paradise Valley tried to get his food back from a bear. The
bear charged him and he ran breaking his toe. He consumed two (2) pills
every four hours just to be able to walk.

2-A tenderfoot I took on the trail was bit by something. His arm swelled
up. He consumed 4 pills a day for 8 days

The point? When you need this stuff you need lots of it. If it takes 48
hours to walk out that's 24 heavy duty pain pills. A full course of
antibiotic is 32, 500mg pills.

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