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RE: [pct-l] Guardia


	I hadn't considered the potential for agents to carry the 
contaminant from the deposit site.  Good point.  Of course, this 
whole discussion is probably moot, since no one suffering from 
Giardia would choose to get that far from a toilet and no one 
NOT suffering from it would have the incentive to get tested to 
see if they were a carrier!


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From: Joanne Lennox [mailto:goforth@cio.net]

Your are sure right about filtering water after you become a carrier. Coals
to Newcastle. If I knew I was a carrier, I would get treated, and treat the
water subsequently so that I would not just be another person spreading the

I do not believe that this situation is analogous to males being carriers
of pregancy, Giardia endospores are extremely long-lived, very resistent,
and difficult to "disinfect"; they can be carried by wind and dust, they
can be multiplied by intermediate hosts that walk all over the place(
marmots, beavers, rodents), there are a number of fecal and toilet paper
eating animals that also spead this disease,
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