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[pct-l] More Filter Issues

Hi all:
A popular comment regarding the non-use of a filter is "I didn't get sick".  There are a couple of issues that come to mind regarding this: 1).  A person (who doesn't use a filter) may not realize the effects of a parasitic infection until years later;  2).  Not all water is polluted with harmful matter, and it is not readily apparent which water is safe or harmful (in all cases).  One may chose to not wear a seatbelt (please ignore the seatbelt politics), and not get thrown from a vehicle.  But it can be a good precautious habit to wear one.
Filtering is for the "chance" or the "what if."  Practice "safe drinking!"
On a related note (and please take this seriously), what are the effects of filtering urine in an emergency situation?  Does it remove taste and odor? [Cringing to type this - yuk].  Many realize that urine can be a safe means of hydrating oneself in a "no other choice" predicament.  I'm not going to try it (so save your invitation), but it is something that I wonder if a filter will effect much.  [I can imagine a few readers running to try this now].
Anyway, comments for what they are worth - and to which we should have right to.
Happy trekking!
J Case