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[pct-l] Saga of the PCT-L

First it was Jardinists. Now it's Giardinists. What it all boils down to
(to borrow a phrase from Dude) is what camp you are in. "I'll bleach
before iodine" is the pre-supper mantra of some. "Filter to the brim" is
the bottle loading mantra of others. Hike your own hike, drink to thy
friends, and oh, don'tcha dare kiss the cysters!

(sorry, just could NOT resist these obvious, but terrible puns ... perhaps
it's time to "log off" and hit the dusty/snowy trail?)

p.s. I heard that some early thruhikers have been seen passing thru the
Glacier Peak area of Washington. They'll probably be finishing up in a
week. Somehow they are making it thru the snows and horrific bugs.

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