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[pct-l] Balanced shadows between the rising sun and the setting moon

Once many years ago while on a hiking and climbing trip I had a special
experience during the setting of the full moon of August.

I rose before sunrise to set off for a climb, and shoulder my pack and was
off just at first light - I began walking by the light of the full moon
which was very low in the western Sky, gradually I was aware that the light
of the sun in the east was about the same intensity as the light of the
moon.  For an instance I actually EXPERIENCED the earth being suspended in
space - this seemed to be because the shadows of the moon and sun were
equal and about opposite of each other.  It was a very special moment, and
I have tried to recreate that moment again without success.

the weather has been hazy near cities, or overcast, or buildings, mountains
or canyons deprived me of the open sky needed to balance the light.  But
needless to say, I will be up tomorrow at 5 am trying to find that special
moment again.

For those interested in these experiences, the mountains are the primo
place. And I wish you happy hunting.

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