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[pct-l] 10% Bleach

We commonly use a 10% Bleach solution to disinfect our biology lab table
tops, etc. It is prepared by diluting household bleach (which is
approximately 5.25% sodium hypochlorite) with deionized water. To make a
liter, you mix 900 milliliters of water with 100 milliliters of bleach.
I guess that makes it 0.525% sodium hypochlorite by volume. This is
probably the concentration that Carolyn referred to as a disinfectant to
treat water (dropwise, not straight!). Brick was correct in that a 10%
by weight concentration of sodium hypochlorite (that's almost twice as
strong as the stuff you buy at the grocery store!) would be enough to
send you to hiker heaven. But don't listen to me. Read the research. I
just walked in the door from one of those forced marches to the top of
Half Dome and back with legions of other hearty tourists and I'm as
loose as a goose! Thanks for posting all of the water quality info. I've
really been learning a lot from this list lately.

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