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[pct-l] Bears near Thousand Is. Lake on JMT

Just returned from trip on section of JMT from Reds Meadow to before Donohue
Pass.  There are a group of bears in the Thousand Island lake area that are
graduate students from Yosemite NP.  They excel at stealing any food that is
hung.  It appears only bear canisters were working with this group.  We had
2 groups of scouts in the area and the one that stayed at Thousand Island
Lake had all their hung food taken (They had some bear canisters)as well as
people camping near them lost all their food (no bear canisters). One couple
reported to me that a bear clawed his way into their tent after food.  They
were just below Donohue Pass near Thousand Island Lake.

I met a Ranger on the trail that said that these bears are getting out of
hand and that they will have to do something about them very soon.

Recommendation:  Either avoid this area or carry bear canisters.

Summit & Clark Lake areas were also being hit by bears routinely.

My group had no problems with bears but we only ate a hot meal at lunch and
did not cook a hot dinner where we camped.  We also camped well off the
trail in areas not routinely used, NOT in regular camp sites.  We hung some
food but had over half our food in bear canisters.

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