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[pct-l] Guardia

IMHO, some folks are more susceptible to Guardia than others.  A friend of
mine came down with Guardia a month ago (she is still very sick).  She
lives in a cabin and they pump directly out of a creek for their water and
never treat it.  They have done this for years,  the water had been
tested. Although most of us thought they were crazy...  Anyhow, she
contracted the Guardia symptoms and her boyfriend that owns the cabin with
her, drinks they same water... hasn't been affected the slightest (symptom
wise).  She started getting bad diarrhea and after two weeks started
vomiting. She is still, a month later, in bad shape.  Her boyfriend, is
still fit as a fiddle.  Some of us seem to escape the bug, others will
not.  This seems to indicate that if others have not contracted the bug,
that really doesn't mean all that much to each individual.  They could
just be really resistant.  
I filter, I used to boil.  I quickly learned that drinking hot/warm water
when thirsty is a drag. Not to mention the extra fuel you'll have to

My four cents-



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