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[pct-l] Dryloft Down Bags & Giardisis

Two items:

Yes, there are a plentitude of down sleeping bags on the market that
are coated with Dryloft.  It works well for me with my North Face bag. 
I know Feathered Friends is another that sells a lot of Dryloft down.

Yes, there are lots of thru-hikers who never treat water and never get
sick.  I have witnessed about 6 hikers on the AT to whom this applied. 
I have seen my boyfriend drink some nasty-looking water off the ground.
 He never treated on the entire AT for 7 months and never got sick. 
There were those that did not treat, got sick and then did treat.  I
always filtered and used good methods to store the hoses, etc., and
came down with Giardia in Virginia.  I am pretty certain it was from
swimming in a creek (I could see beavers swimming upstream, literally).
 One more yes, thru-hikers do have time for swimming!  


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