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Re: [pct-l] Re: Giardia exposure

When I hike I always use a filter and are very careful to not contaminate
"unsafe" utinsels with "safe" utinsels. I  have never been sick.
I am a filter person because it reduces REAL pack weight.

Various sources that I have read say that neither chlorine nor iodine are
effective against guirdia given the length of time for them to work. Will
they work given enough time and expert application? Probably but so what?
The real question is pack weight. Given that a properly used 12 ounce
filter can treat water so that it can be used immediately and
chlorine/iodine takes time [maybe lots of time], I submit that the use of
chlorine/iodine increases pack weight because extra water must be carried
because the treated water can't be used immediately [Imagine arriving at
Scissors Crossing and waiting 4 hours or overnight!!!! to drink the water
you treat]

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