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Re: [pct-l] Giardia, Chlorine and Iodine

If you read the CDC article they do not say bleach is ineffective.
What they do is rate the purification systems in this order.
Boiling 1-5 minutes is preferable.
Iodine is second, chlorine is third. Then there is a long discussion about
filters, some of which are better than others.
They do list the parameters of each of these methods and ways to insure that
you are getting the most out of your chosen system. This is a great info
Chlorine will kill giardia, given certain conditions are followed. I'm
apparently not having a problem in the field with following these.
The 10% bleach solution I referred to is actually less than what you are
using in your water with a chlorine system. It will not kill you as it is
neutralized with hydrogen peroxide. If it did I'd already be dead.
And no I don't have subclinical giardia. I checked. And, I have had it, from
the same water sources I'm currently using, using a filter.
I used to boil everything, can't do iodine, so so far this works for me.
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