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Southbound from Lolo Pass, PCT Oregon


If you've recently hiked between Lolo Pass and Barlow Pass area (south of
Mt. Hood), please let me know the conditions.  How is it making the river
crossings?  Are they deep now?  What about snow and ice?

I'd appreciate as much details about the area as possible.  I have thirteen
maps and books on the area, but they . . .  well, if you hike much you know.
They do not talk about the terrain too much and I am dizzy from contour
lines!  They cannot tell you current conditions either.  Every once in a
while I can find a friendly Forest Service worker that is more than happy to
give details (and I will continue calling around 'til I find one).

In the meantime, I know and appreciate the value of a fellow hiker.


J. Case

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