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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #849

>I have wondered about the effacacy of filters, and
>the parameters of their use. Everybody seems to think that >they are 100%
>effective in the range of cell sizes they filter for. 

Please don't anybody get turned off using a filter for hikes. When people say filters don't work, it turns out they didn't use a filter 100% of the time, like this poster. Sometimes they contaminate a filter element too, or they get dirty water by washing their pans in a creek or swallow some when taking a bath. Also some people blame all their bellyaches on the water when there are other causes besides. 

The instructions that come with it will tell you how to look for damage and when you should replace parts. You have to take care of them right and they wear out too like everything else.         Sue

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