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[pct-l] Water Filters

I am still amazed at the number of people who don't treat water, or use
less-than-effective methods.

Chlorine is not as good as Iodine.

Even Iodine is ineffective against Cryptosporidium.

People don't realise that even if they don't show symptoms, they may still
be infected, and can therefore carry the parasites. Or otherwise put
additional unnecessary burden on their immune system.

If it's weight and bother that is causing you to drink untreated water, get
something simple like www.safewateranywhere.com

I put iodine in the water that i use in my Safe Water Anywhere bottle.

In fact, I actually prefer boiling my water, or using a PUR Voyageur when I
do bring it along on a trip.

For the PCT, I surmise the S.W.A. products would be excellent; I use mine
for ultra-light trips, with Polar Pure iodine (so it never runs out, unlike
Potable Aqua).

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