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[pct-l] Re: WA snow

> From: laurelm@evs-eco.com (Laurel J. Menoche)

> I was in snow this past weekend at 4,700' around Deception Pass.  The snow
> level the past week around Goat Rocks, according to the Randall Ranger
> Station was 5,000', (SnowGrass flats is completely in the snow).

A Forest Service trail report that I saw last Monday at the Darington
Ranger Station described Fire Creek Pass (6270 ft) on the NW side of
Glacier Peak as a 'climber's route'.  But the next pass N on the PCT,
Grassy Point (5870 ft) is apparently passable for backpackers.  On a day
hike up Milk Creek I met two hikers (a mother and early teen girl) and
two rat terriers who were finishing up the Suiattle, Vista Creek, Milk
Creek loop.  No special snow gear in evidence, though they did mention
traversing some glacier or snow field (probably at the head of the East
Fork Milk Creek).  Nearby Green Mountain trail (#792) had patchy snow in
the sheltered basin at 5200 ft.


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