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Yosemite National Park will be celebrating the National Park Service's 
birthday with a "free fee" day on Wednesday, August 25, 1999.  Visitors 
will be
admitted to the park free of charge.  Founded on August 25, 1916, the 
Park Service was established  "to conserve the scenery and the natural and
historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the 
enjoyment of
the same in such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of 
The annual "free day" was created in 1988 when Congress authorized the 
Park Service to designate one day each year when visitors could enjoy the 
without paying an entrance fee. The free fee is only for admission to the 
Use fees such as for camping and other activities are not included.  
entrance fee is $20 per vehicle and is good for a seven day period.

Bear Incidents In Yosemite National Park: 
August 8 - 14, 1999 /  August 9 - 15, 1998
Vehicles broken into by bears in parking lots:      35          101 
Bear damage report in park campgrounds:     29          26
Total bear incidents year to date:          336         950
Total property damage year to date:         $136,987        $447,965

Bear Activity Report from the Field:  
    Bear #2364 was extremely active throughout Yosemite Valley this week 
and was
seen several times at the scene of vehicle break-ins. He was also seen 
trash at the Village Grill and the Curry Village Amphitheater.
    On August 8, a man sleeping outside in a sleeping bag was bitten on 
the hand
by an bear in Upper Pines Campground.  At least two bears were seen in 
the area
but it could not be determined who had bitten the camper.  A trap was 
near the site of the incident and bear #1278 was caught the next night and
    On August 9, a camping party between Upper and Lower Cathedral Lakes 
had one
of their aluminum bear canisters broken into by an unidentified bear.  Two
different bears attempted to get into the canisters and the second was
successful by throwing a canister against the rocks and pounding on it 
until the
end came off.  The bear consumed all of the food inside despite attempts 
by the
campers to chase it off.
    On August 12,  bear #1250 (Yellow #8) was found in a minivan with her 
cubs on the Soda Springs road in Tuolumne Meadows.   All vehicle damage in
Tuolumne Meadows has been done by popping the window in by pushing on it, 
all the break ins were located either in the Tuolumne Campground, 
Lakes trailhead, Soda Springs road, or Dog Lake parking lot.
    Bear #1250 has also been sighted in Tuolumne Campground on a regular 
and is able to obtain food regularly from visitors who leave their bear 
open while they are awake and in their site but are not actively using 
bear box.  She will come within 5ft. of an unwary visitor to obtain food 
actively being used.  This bear also targets visitors who arrive at their 
late at night and are unloading their vehicles and leave the vehicle 
doors open
and unattended. (Wildlife Management)

x  The Weather  x

Last 24 hours:  Yosemite Valley 93/57;  Tuolumne Meadows 70/32;  El 
Portal 95/58
Today:  Sunny except for a few afternoon clouds near the Sierra crest/91
Tonight:  Clear/51
Tomorrow:  Sunny except for a few afternoon clouds near the Sierra 
Extended forecast:  Saturday: Mostly clear, except for a few afternoon 
near the crest. Sunday:  Mostly clear, except partly cloudy near the 
crest in
the afternoon with a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms. Monday:  
clear in the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon with a slight chance 
showers or thunderstorms.

Susan Seiling 
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