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[pct-l] My favorite part of the PCT, video, Margo's book

Karl said being on the trail awhile makes you value human contact - I was 
thinking it actually makes me want to ACT more like a human than an animal - 
but I guess that would be insulting to the animals.  They usually behave 
better than I do.

Hey JEFFZZZZZ - I got the video today - THANKS SO MUCH!!!!  I can't wait to 
watch it.  YAHOOOO!  Why are you so generous?  You must hike a lot!

HEY MARGO - I'm half way through your book and being so inspired and 
effected by it.  I'm quoting it to everyone and recommending it to all my 
women friends and clients (I went through the same grad program you did only 
in Sacramento).  I've been wanting to read it - was waiting until school was 
out (I teach part time and don't do much reading during the semester because 
of all the reading I HAVE to do.)  I was on vacation at Asilomar (Pacific 
Grove - Monterey Calif area) - just back from a dayhike at Big Sur and 
wandered into a bookstore and there it was - just waiting to complete my 
day!  Thank you so much for your candor and generous willingness to tell 
your story.   Kudos, kudos, kudos!

Mary B

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