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RE: [pct-l] Snow Pack in WA


I don't have any knowledge of the areas North of White Pass. However, on
Monday we drove around Southern Washington retrieving my mail drops. In the
process I stopped in at the Forest offices of Gilford Pinchot NF.

Basically the areas of the PCT that travel through Wilderness areas, Mt.
Adams, Goat Rocks etc. are not recommended for hikers. Now the Forest
Service doesn't discriminate between backpackers and thru-hikers. And these
are only warnings and not trail closures. So if you feel confident you're
free to try.

There is also a major bridge out on the PCT in the North part of Mt. Adams
Wilderness. The creek it crosses it aprox. 4' deep (not sure how wide).
There are efforts under way to either reroute or rebuild the bridge. But no
specific information was available on dates. 

At White Pass only 2 hikers had signed the register so far this year. It
appeared from the entry they were heading North and the snow to the South
was passable. I'm not sure I would read too much into that. What's passable
for some maybe impassable for others. It is clear that traveling that
section will probably require some map & compass skills as much of the trail
is some areas is still under 6' of snow.

Also this is an unusually cool spring and summer, and conditions are likely
to continue into fall. The typical warm sunny days are too few and far
between. That doesn't mean the snow won't melt and the trail become
passable. It's just that no one  is willing to predict anything based on
current weather patterns.

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