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RE: [pct-l] Re: Getting more folks out on the trail

After ignoring this thread for what seems like weeks as "another 
example of folks trying to live life vicariously" (a favorite 
passtime of liberals), I suddenly realize that as a scoutmaster, 
I'm already providing as good an opportunity as anyone for folks 
of all stripes to get into this arena.  I even show them how to 
make homemade alcohol stoves, inexpensive tarps, lightweight 
backpacks, hiking staffs, tent stakes, bear bags, useful mess kits, 
and hike in tennis and sandals when the terrain allows.
Gosh, I'm quite a guy!  (<--- Joke!)


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Here's a neat way to make sure everybody has an equal chance to get out on the

If we honestly want to share our lives with all kinds of people, then we
probably already have "them" in our neighborhoods, in our families, at school
and at work right? So we just go hiking with our neighbors, our
relatives and friends, our fellow workers, no big deal. If they are shy, we make
it really easy for them, maybe we pay for Sizzler after :-) 

	Yep!  Done that too.  cr
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