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Re: [pct-l] Re: Favorite PCT area

I give a strong vote for Island Pass and the view of the Ritter Range
from the meadow below it. We counted 9 snow capped peaks when I went
through there on August 3rd on my JMT hike. I also loved the huge Center
Basin below Forrester Pass, I camped in Vidette Meadows before Forrester
Pass. But, my vote would have to go for the water falls along the
switchbacks going into Evolution Valley[Evolution Creek] and Evolution
Lake in alpine Evolution Basin. It is beyond description.
I just returned from the JMT yesterday. We only saw one bear, a huge
cinnamon at Muir Trail Ranch. We saw and heard lots of evidence of bear
activity. I wound up giving some food to a guy who got had while cooking
dinner. A bear came into his camp and snagged a temporary tree hang. We
stayed away from the more popular bear infested camping areas. We had
human cannisters, but still had to hang a few nights[too much food for
the cannisters]. We actually saw signs in Kings Canyon that said it was
no longer permitted to hang food...cannisters or bear boxes only.
Happy Trails
Tom in Sacramento
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