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Here's a neat way to make sure everybody has an equal chance to get out on the trail.

If we honestly want to share our lives with all kinds of people, then we probably already have "them" in our neighborhoods, in our families, at school and at work right? So we just go hiking with our neighbors, our
relatives and friends, our fellow workers, no big deal. If they are shy, we make it really easy for them, maybe we pay for Sizzler after :-) 

How can the whole story be that minorities are either too urban or they are too not urban enough (farmers)? Really poor people of ALL colors probably are kind of busy with other stuff than hiking.  There are lots of minority people who aren't deadly poor or uneducated we can hike with now, tho! 

But if all we want is to see ethnic-looking people on the trail from a safe distance, and to help them economically, then there are plenty of organizations like The United Negro College Fund that specialize in using our donations to help disadvantaged people become more advantaged.

You know, the "late BJ" is nice and she helped a LOT. She was funny too when she wasn't having to defend somebody, I can relate to that. Since you guys got her thrown off, the least you can do is stop ragging her now. Chill, please!       sue

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