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Re: [pct-l] Re: Favorite PCT area

With "Thruhikers ' without a doubt the "concensus" best part of the trail
is . . . .  the all you can eat joint at Lake Tahoe. That's what everyone
talks about.

Now for "real" backpackers who have time to see the scenery it really
depends on the exact conditions. The prettiest view I ever saw was at
Island Pass, a location most would not consider in their top 100. However,
this year a late snow had covered the Ritter range tops with snow. The
Island Pass meadows were deep green, the lakelets were deep blue and the
sky was deep blue with white puffy clouds that created a stunning backdrop
for Banner, Ritter and Davis. It was the 4th of July weekend several years
ago. Who knows? You could have been on one of those peaks.

Tahoe and South is all I've hiked. Year in and year out I'd vote for
McClure Meadow.

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