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[pct-l] Re: Favorite PCT area

My favorite PCT area?  Hmmm, that's a hard question with all of the great areas.
My list, FWIW, in no particular order:
- Whitewater Canyon, San Bernardino Mtns., Calif.
    A great desert canyon with a roaring stream racing off of the side of Mt.San Gorgonio, lots of large sand bars, sun, very different from the rest of the trail.
- Ansel Adams Wilderness Area, Calif.
    A long term favorite of mine.  Some of the best scenery in the high Sierra.
- Northern Yosemite (nth of Toulumne Meadows), Calif.
    The largest roadless area in California and arguably the wildest.
- Meadows near Nth and Middle Sister, Oregon
    The lupine, the view of the volcanoes marching north, black sand bubbling spring
- Eagle Creek, Columbia River Gorge area, Oregon
    THE BEST waterfalls and beautiful polished black basalt gorges, green ferns against black rock.
- Mt. Baker area, Washington
    Great views of the Nth Cascades, wild, green, hot springs, rain :-(
- Suiatle River valley and Stehekin area, Washington
    Spectacular scenery like that you see on jigsaw puzzle boxes!  Wild.
- Pasayton Valley, Washington
    A taste of British Columbia and the undeveloped, untrammeled look and feel.  Abundant wildlife and the knowledge that out there somewhere are grizzly!
I'd have to say a tie between Eagle Creek and Ansel Adams Wilderness Area.
Greg "Strider" Hummel