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[pct-l] Trail info

Misc info on some snow & trail conditions in Alpine Lakes  WA.

This weekend I hiked over Deception Pass from Hyas Lake to Marmot Lake. 
This crosses over the PCT @ Deception Pass.  This pass is only 4,500' and
definitely had snow.  Route finding wasn't very hard however.  The snow
was mostly in patches.  We continued over the PCT to Marmot lake which is
@ 4,800' give or take...  We seemed to be the first ones to reach the
lake, many blowdowns and two veeeeeerrrrry sketchy snow crossings over a
river where I was very grateful to have my ice axe (dangerous, long chutes
below).  I was planning on doing a trip around Glacier Peak during the
first week of Sept but changed my plans since that section has some higher
elevations than the Alpine Lakes. The last word (last week) from the
Ranger up there regarding Glacier Peak was that the trail was 80% snow
covered (snow level at 4,500/5,000).  I believe I have 5,800' for the
highest point on the Alpine Lakes PCT section and Glacier Peak PCT was
6,500' (Red Pass/White Pass). 
I'm starting to become concerned that even the Alpine Lakes PCT section
will be difficult travel.  The snow level at 5,000' was the limit of what
I would consider manageable for myself this past weekend.  (I would guess
about 50% snow cover there)  I'm hoping that within the next two weeks the
snow melts another 800-1,000', although the weather certainly has not been

I will be heading up to the North Cascades this weekend (north of 20/Rainy
Pass) and will report anything that may be of interest. 



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