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I thought the "Coyote" imagining was great, and didn't in the slightest 
apply it to Mexicans in general.  It's PCT-specific.  I stayed overnight in 
a shack off Southern CA PCT and didn't until later realize the significance 
of the Spanish graffiti on the walls.  Why choose to live on a knife edge 
of political correctness instead of the freedom to acknowledge, accept, and 
laugh at our differences?

The demented urge to take long walking trips seems to be a cultural thing, 
not a majority/minority or color/colorless thing.

Well, I have missed the PCT '99 window, despite heroic efforts.  But spring 
illness, contract and customer vagarities, two deaths in the family, etc. 
mean no PCT this year.  BUT!  I may have just landed a job that will allow 
me to take next summer to do it [[ correction: "make attempt # 2" ]] as a 
leave of absence.  And all my preparations this year, especially gear 
tailoring and footwear experiments, will not have been in vain.  But all 
that beef jerky....

To anyone hoping to hike the PCT in Y2K or Y2K+1, start preparing and 
training now!

My (probable) new position will be in Houston.  Any PCT hopefuls in that 
area?  Would be fantastic to continue to train and prepare with you. 
 Seven/eight months goes fast.

-- Dave Stockton

David B. Stockton

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