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Re: [pct-l] RE: Just an observation...but

Chevy Coyote -- I hope your response was mostly a pun -- but not a funny one 
as it was degrading to Mexicans and not a positive response to Jim's 
observation and desire to include others on the PCT.  It sounds like you 
were personally offended at Jim's response -- it would have been better if 
you had gone off line to respond to him.  I am not Mexican and I was hurt 
that your response belittled a beautifully cultured people who are, contrary 
to the tone of your note, very intelligent, hard working, religious, family 
orientated, etc., and have a love for the beauty of our world.  The coyote 
is also a beautiful, family oriented animal who is hard working, it is just 
those two legged "Coyotes" that scare the living dayslights out of me.

My husband and I have also made the same observation about the lack of other 
ethnic peoples hiking the trail and wished there was a way we could share 
our love of backpacking with them so they too could be aware of the beauty 
of backpacking.  A thing shared is all the more wonderful for the sharing. 

It would have been so much more productive if you had come back on the net 
and given us some more positive comments.  You evidently are an intelligent 
person and since you listed some very expensive equipment you have a 
knolwedge and probably a love of it -- not for profit and murder as the two 
legged "Coyotes" do.  I will be waiting for your helpful comments -- we can 
all learn from each other! 

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