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[pct-l] RE: Just an observation...but

> On Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 15:28:55 -0700
> Subject: [pct-l] Just an observation...but
> Jim <airbrne27@jps.net wrote: 


" 4.  And this is more an observation and statement more then anything.
 As i have walked from Mexico to Toulomne in sections i never saw so many
people on the trail.  But the most interesting thing i didn't see were
minority hikers.  I can not remember seeing even one black person, and
very very few hispanics.  The number of asian hikers was also very low.
This got me to thinking.  Why? Why are there so few minorities hiking
the trail.  It seems to me that it is either a lack of desire, education
about backpacking in general, no exposure at all to backpacking, or lack
of equipment.  So i was just wondering if anyone has any ideas how we
can include minorities in our pleasure of hiking.  Is there a place that
specializes in outreach to the minority community? Is there a place
where we can drop off old backpacking equipment that we no longer need,
but is still workable? "

On Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 23:15:55, The Coyote (Chevy) Chavez responds with:

I have a desire to hike too, but I dont have no good equipment and I dont know nothing about too 
much backpacking, but I learn quick.  The only section I hiked is section "A", many times, but 
always at night.  Yes, I have to be a coyote for my compadres -- they hike too, but only at night.  
So, anyway I have a special place for you to make the donation of "old backpacking equipment".  Here 
be the list of what we unfortunates need:

1. Sleeping bag - down only, less than 3 pounds, and preferably North Face, no rips, clean.
2. Shelter - need lightweight tents, to bright colors, no leaks, less than 3 pounds, nylon ripstop, 
with stakes, tent must be easy to tear down.
3. Poles - I heard that those "leki" poles are good ones, throw in a few.
4. Desparately need more of those mag-lite flashlights and batteries.
5. Water Filter - not hard to pump, Pur-Hiker is okay, no clogged filters.
6. Tarps - must be earthtone color, no rips.

Many more miscellaneous items too - pots(titanium), whisperlite stoves (international only) -- we 
can get the gas pretty cheap, cool mountain climbing shades, thermarest pads 3/4, gortex jackets 
(Marmot or North Face), and bullets for a 45.

Dont worry about the little stuff - we take care of that.

It would be our hiking pleasure if you could "reach out" to our minority community and make your 
donations real soon so we unfortunates can learn to enjoy the great outdoors.  I will be the most 
happy coyote.

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