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[pct-l] Just an observation...but

Well last week i finished section "H" of the California section of the
PCT.  I found this to be a very interesting section.  First some trail

1. Ditch the ice ax.  No one i talked to nor did i see the need for an
ice ax in this section.

2. Ok who decided that 12.9 miles of the PCT had to be separate from the
JMT near Reds Meadow?  I hiked the mysterious 12.9 miles and although
interesting, i kind of thought that Garnet lake and Shadow lake were/are
much more pretty then the over used Badger lakes area.

3.  Bears- I heard of one near the Leconte ranger station, i heard of
one near Badger lakes i even saw some bear vomit near Thousand Island
lakes with candy wrappers in it, but i never saw a bear.  Maybe that
bear can does work?

4.  And this is more an observation and statement more then anything.
As i have walked from Mexico to Toulomne in sections i never saw so many
people on the trail.  But the most interesting thing i didn't see were
minority hikers.  I can not remember seeing even one black person, and
very very few hispanics.  The number of asian hikers was also very low.
This got me to thinking.  Why? Why are there so few minorities hiking
the trail.  It seems to me that it is either a lack of desire, education
about backpacking in general, no exposure at all to backpacking, or lack
of equipment.  So i was just wondering if anyone has any ideas how we
can include minorities in our pleasure of hiking.  Is there a place that
specializes in outreach to the minority community? Is there a place
where we can drop off old backpacking equipment that we no longer need,
but is still workable?

O and BTW who ever counted those switch backs leading over Bear ridge
from VVR needs to go back to school and recount.  AS my son and i were
hiking down and counting at 14 we met a couple climbing up and they were
at 48.  So my math teacher tells me that is at least 62
switchbacks....not 53 like the guidebook states.

Jim K.

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