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[pct-l] Admin Note: Please read

Ryan and I decided it was time to revise the welcome message that defines
the list purpose, and sets standards for list posts.

Similar revisions are being made for the AT-L and IAT-L

Please review the message below. 
Continued use of the list indicates acceptance of the terms enclosed.

Welcome to the PCT mailing list. 

*******List Purpose

PCT-L is an unmoderated list that provides a forum 
for free-flowing exchange of information, opinions 
and comments concerning the Pacific Crest National 
Scenic Trail. This might include topics such as 
hiking or riding the trail, trail maintenance,  
trail conditions, trail threats, etc. 

This list is designed to provide an enjoyable and 
informative experience for all participants, this 
forum is not for "debate" about the validity of 
the topics in and of themselves, but instead is 
an avenue for the sharing and exchange of 

This list is unmoderated. That means that on one 
reviews posts prior to their posting to the list.

*******List Versions

There are two versions of this list, PCT-L and 
PCT-L-Digest. If you subscribe to the digest 
version, you will receive one post each day that 
contains all the days list traffic compiled into 
one message, otherwise you will receive 
individual posts. To change from regular mode to 
digest mode you must unsubscribe from PCT-L and 
subscribe to PCT-L-Digest.

Sending a message to <PCT-L@backcountry.net> will 
reach all the subscribers on BOTH lists. Please 
do not send a message to BOTH lists because this 
will result in duplicate mailings.

*******List Rules

This list is run on a private computer and 
administered by volunteers. It is NOT an 
anything-goes public forum. If a member is a 
destructive influence or is abusive to the list, 
its users, the hardware or administrators, his 
privileges may be revoked at the sole discretion 
of the administrators, with or without warning. 
You are a guest in our home, at our campfire, 
and we expect you to behave like one. Be 

Please introduce yourself along with your first 
post. It increases the sense of community.

Please keep all posts on topic. This means posts 
should be about the PCT in some way. The following 
subjects are specifically off topic: 
**Commercial posts advertising products or 
services not related to the PCT (posts 
advertising products or services that specifically 
apply to the PCT are welcome within reason.)
**Chain letters, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Jokes, 
and urban legends.
**Comments or criticism about the way this list 
is administered. If you don't like something, 
contact an administrator. If you problem cannot 
be resolved, you are free to unsubscribe.
**Flames. A flame is a searing e-mail message 
in which the writer attacks another participant 
in overly harsh, and often personal, terms. Don't 
post them.

You may not use addresses obtained from this list 
to harass others or send them offensive, abusive 
or commercial e-mail. If we are informed, or 
discover, that anyone is sending commercial 
solicitations or abusive-mail to users of our 
lists, the offender will be removed from the 
lists and possibly reported to his site 

If you use a "vacation" program, make sure that 
it is smart enough to avoid sending messages to 
the mailing lists or to users who post to the 
mailing list. We try to protect the list against 
stuff like this, but please.

If you include quoted material from a previous, 
edit it! Everyone gets the same mail you do. If 
they are following the thread, they need nothing 
more than the bare minimum text to keep the flow 

List Administrators
Brick Robbins mailto:brick@fastpack.com
Ryan Brooks mailto:ryan@inc.net
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