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[pct-l] Tahoe to Toulumne hike

I just got back from my section hike from Echo Lake to Toulumne Meadows..(7/25 -
8/6) .I was happy to see that I hadn't missed all of the Northbound
throughhikers. I must have seen about a dozen or so intrepid folk in all, making
their way steadily towards Canada. I don't remember all of their names but I do
remember a few of them.

There was one group of five...Shane from Oz, Josh, Mike, Shay and Todd (?). Also
a fast moving lad by the name of Russ who was covering around 30+ miles a day
and was off to South Lake Tahoe to meet up with his Mom and the nearest buffet.
Then came 'Stick' (Bruce) who despite a separated shoulder was still trucking
on....Following close behind him was Shawn...and I think that the very last of
the Northbounders was a young man named Christian who I met just North of the
Sonora pass.... Good Luck to all of them.....

My hike went extremely well and I didn't encounter any adverse trail conditions
the entire way....The only snag in the whole thing was that it started snowing
on me the last day as I came into Toulumne....I'm just glad that it waited until
I was almost finished....Strange weather this year....I hope that it returns
back to normal so that the Northbounders don't suffer too much from it.....

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