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Re: [pct-l] Bear proofing idea

For several years I have tested this approach. What I have done,
specifically, is to lodge canned food under a rock that is submerged in
running water. My logic was that the running water would disperse any smell
and the rock would prevent the cans from being seen. So far, no bear has
disturbed the cans but no bear has bothered my camp either. The result is
"I don't know". This may work or may not. It may work until the bears
figure it out as someone else suggested.

RE: Storing food in your tent
A thruhiker was stalked all night at Lake Aloha [near Echo Lake] by a bear
and her cub. The hiker had food in the tent. The cub came very close to the
tent. Obviously the hiker was petrified. Yelling screaming, noises etc
would not drive the two bears away. [The thruhiker reported that a bear had
previously come round her tent near Bishop but noise had driven it away]

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