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Section 0

Hello all!

I spent two days, last Friday and Saturday, working with over 30 dedicated
and hard working volunteers (hikers and equestrians), PCTA staff and Board
members and USFS trails staff from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest
clearing blowdown and brush and doing some tread repair in the infamous
Section 0.  Between this effort, earlier work by USFS crews and salvage
logging by the many commercial timber owners in the area, the PCT should be
in pretty good shape through most, if not all, of the section.  The
horrendous blowdown of the past few years should be clear by the end of
this week, when the project ends, and brushing may also be completed.

Hikers and riders should take care passing through this section as there
are many opportunities to get off trail, given the many timber cuts and
maze of roads.  Also, apparently there is some active logging going on in a
few areas. Much of the area is privately owned commercial timberland and
the PCT is on a narrow easement.  We have requested that the USFS install
additional PCT logos (for road crossings) and route markers (white
diamonds) in some areas.

If anyone encounters problem areas, please try to note precisely where they
are on a map and send us some notes by mail or email so we can pass them
on.  Pictures (slides or prints) would be most welcome too.  We'll pass
them on to PCTA volunteers and USFS staff.

Volunteers, if I recall correctly, came from as far away as VA, AZ, WA, and
S. CA. A tremendous amount of project preparation, meal planning, logistics
and leadership was provided by PCTA volunteers.  We owe them, all the
volunteers, USFS trails staff and MacArthur-Burney Falls State Park staff
(where the group camped) a great deal of thanks.  I'm sure that there will
be a full report on the work done and those involved in an upcoming PCTA

If you've not ever participated in such a work trip, please do check them
out.  The work is challenging and rewarding, there is lots of fun with many
good people, hearty meals, nice country and they are an excellent way to
give something back to this most amazing trail!

Happy trails,

PS.  There are several PCTA volunteer projects, in late August and
September, on scenic sections of the PCT in Oregon that still have some
slots open.  Contact Curtis Hardie, PCTA OR Regional Coordinator for info:
<marciah@transport.com>  Details are on the PCTA website also.


Reuben R. Rajala
Director of Trail Operations
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Sacramento, CA 95842
Office (general) 916-349-2109
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Fax: 916-349-1268
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Email: trails@pcta.org

Visit PCTA's website! http://www.pcta.org

Thoughts to ponder:

A bad day on the trail is better than a good day in the office.
There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.
Remember that you are unique, just like everyone else.
You cannot find new oceans unless you are willing to lose sight of the shore.

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