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[pct-l] Hikers seen on recent trip/ Thanks

Just got back from 8 day hike.  South Lake to Whitney Portal.  I hiked
with fellow AT hiker Kent Klemen aka Bluesky '96.  We ran into some PCT
hikers namely; Whitney, Mr Miserable, Abominable Slowman, Boozie the
Clown?, Will the Wanderer (south bounder), Seth from S.F. and a couple
who were knocking off a section on horseback who didn't have time to give
their names as they were on the move but did say they had completed the
majority of the PCT.  My thanks to Bill and Mollie Person of "Pooh
Courner" who went way beyond the rhelms of my previous experiance with
trail angels.  My recomendation is to put a big X on your map to stop and
visit them when hiking thru Truckee area.  Every request was answered
with " We can make it happen".  Altruism at it's finest.  Also a big
thanks to Birjette Jensen who's input to my questions in matters of
itinerary, bear cannisters etc.. were personally responded to in
digestable detail.  I hope bj and her wealth of info find thier way back
to this list.  Also thanks to the PCT-L which serves as a connection to
such a fine group of people as ever there were.     Dan  (Wildhair) 

" I'll be back"  A. Swartzenager

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