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[pct-l] Mosquito's in section I mid Sept?

Planning a trip between Sonora Pass and Tuolomne, does anybody have any
thoughts on how the maneaters, errrr, mosquito's *might* be come mid

Additional thoughts on bears, trail difficulty, creek issues, etc
apprciated.  Have my heart set on going south from Sonora Pass but can just
as easily go north to Tahoe.  Looking for more pleasure hiking this time
around - I can deal with elevation changes, trail blazing, etc. but the d**n
mosquitos drive me crazy.  In digging thru the thru-hikers journals on
websites it seems that the baby buzzards were a problem for everybody who
went thru in June.  Can't find any journals for folks who went thru over the
last few weeks to see if the problems are dying down to a manageable level.



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