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[pct-l] Admin Note: People who are booted from the List.

On 23 July 99, <bjensen4@juno.com> sent a message to the list indicating
the intention to unsu*bscribe.Included in the first paragraph was the line:
>>>>I might as well bask in the brief luxury of Free Speech before I

Because of some technical reasons (called "administrivia" see 
http://users.ox.ac.uk/cgi-bin/safeperl/daveh/majordomo?administrivia )
majodomo thought the message was an unsu*bscribe command, and kicked it
from the mail queue into my admin mail box. I facilitated
<bjensen4@juno.com>'s intention to unsu*bscribe. 

(note: I have added the "*"s so this message won't get administrivia-ed too.)

The remainder of the post was opinions about how this list is mis-managed.
If anyone cares enough to want to see the post, please send me a request
off-list and I will forward it.

Discussions about how this list is managed, or mis-managed, are off-topic,
and should not be addressed to the list, but to the list admin (ie, me or
Ryan). This mailing list was chartered for discussion of issues relating to
the Pacific Crest Trail.  Please keep posts on topic, and don't disrupt the
list with flames or trolls. Failure to comply may result in warnings and/or

Let's get back to the trail.
Brick Robbins
PCT List Admin
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