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[pct-l] Black and White trail obstacle

Hurricane Helen had a different experience last week near Castle Crags.  After ambling 15 or 20 minutes and for only a couple hundred yards behind a slow moving skunk, in an area where there was no way to get around it, she rolled a pebble up the trail to get it moving.  It turned around for first a face-off, pawed the ground like a bull, then charged.  This could have been in Caddyshack.  She fended it off with a Leki, relieved when it ran off, rabies in the back of her mind.  She didn't worry about being sprayed because it was facing her.  She later learned from a ranger that a skunk faces their adversary first, then sprays by doing a 180 - up to 20 feet.  Helen is now in Seiad Valley contemplating her good fortune while partner Bearbait nurses a sore foot.  Then on to Oregon.