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Re: [pct-l] People who are booted from the List.

>I think we are loosing a valuable person to the list.

Although I am a lurker myself (with an occasional useless post) I
must agree that Birgette is just as valuable a member as anyone
who posts. I myself run a very high profile mailing list and all
mailing lists do have their rough times. From an "outsiders"
perspective, I don't think Birgette's messages were that bad. Yes,
she could have messaged various individuals privately, but I
don't think it distracted or caused problems with the normal
goings on of the list.

On the other hand, this list is a "private" list owned by a few
individuals (Brick & Ryan). Ultimately, it is their choice to
do whatever with the list. If they don't like a member, they can
remove them. Simple as that. I believe in a democracy myself.
If a person is so much of a nuisance, then have a vote whether or
not to remove him or her. Or at least wait until you receive an
overwhelming number of complaints (and not just the ones
from "friends" or "regulars").

In the end, it's up to us, the members, to determine whether we
approve of Brick's actions. Those who don't like it, can always
start their own lists. But eventually you will face the same 

My $0.02

Jim Serio - jim@rollercoaster.com
Producer, World of Coasters
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